About us


The Kiwi Artisan Co produce the finest small batch artisan goods for food lovers nationwide.
The Kiwi Artisan Team


We strive to strengthen support for the artisan community and foster deeper connection between the maker and the consumer. As we grow our own selection of Kiwi artisan goods we look forward to introducing many other talented artisan producers and their unique stories.


Originally a simple market stall in Central Otago supporting local producers, The Kiwi Artisan Co came to fruition off the back of the Covid-19 Pandemic. Like most small retail operations, the business struggled to survive during lockdown and was particularly affected as local markets and events were cancelled across the country. Without a strong online presence, operations came to a standstill.

We were determined to launch The Kiwi Artisan Co business online as a way to support the small batch artisan community and broaden artisan platter options for Kiwis who love to entertain at home.

Now also producing our own high-quality, locally made goods we are proud to bring a touch of unique flavour to Kiwi foodies and hope to continuously foster the talented artisan presence within New Zealand.