Artisan of the Week // Raglan Food Co

May 07 2021 – Georgie Foot

Artisan of the Week // Raglan Food Co

Artisan of the Week // Raglan Food Co

This week we're here to celebrate Mr & Mrs Coconut, from Raglan Food Co.

When the pair decided to go dairy-free due to allergies, Tesh (Mrs Coconut began experimenting in the kitchen making coconut yoghurt. Taste-tasting sessions from Seb (Mr Coconut and finally the first batch of yogurt was ready.

This dairy-free alternative was soon hot in demand by Raglan locals. Mr and Mrs coconut were rustling up old jars, hand sticking the labels on and uped their product (all from the home kitchen.)

Throughout the rapid growth of their business, their mission has remained constant; create a delicious and viable alternative to dairy, in a way that has far less impact on the world. 

Mr and Mrs Coconut, what a remarkable pair, doing great (and delicious) things!